Kangaroos! Does It Get Any More Australian?

Yes, we’re really in Australia! That reality sinks in a little more each day as we venture farther away from Melbourne and explore more of the countryside. Then came that “this is it” moment: the moment when it all comes together. For Hannah and me, that came yesterday evening when we pulled into Little Desert Nature Reserve and were greeted by 20-25 kangaroos.

“I enjoy long hops along the beach, eating grass and stretching out while gazing lovingly into your eyes.”

They were just hanging out, grazing on the grass and goofing off. It was such an incredible sight that it was hard to leave to go get checked in. As soon as we were all settled, Hannah and I walked out to the field and just sat there watching them for a good hour.

These guys are all Western Grey Kangaroos. They are similar to the iconic Great Grey Kangaroo. However, they are smaller and found in different areas. Western Greys are very common in this area of the outback due in part to the vegetation that is around. It’s amazing the difference a few miles can make in terms of soil composition and weather. That plays a huge role in determining where certain animals go and what they can eat.

Fight nicely, children!

These kangaroos are considered free roaming captive, meaning they are within the fence of the reserve but roam freely with little human interaction. They search for their own food and take care of themselves.

I couldn’t believe how many joeys there running around and how quickly they were in and out of their mother’s pouch. It was amazing to watch. Not to mention they are just so stinkin’ cute!

Ok, that just looks a little uncomfortable.

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