About Alycat

Alyson is a photographer/videographer based in North Carolina, USA. Having grown up in Philadelphia, Alyson has a strong passion for sports, history and the great outdoors. That passion led her to leave behind a life of dark TV studios and corporate media work and create Alycat Photo & Video Services, a multimedia company she runs with her husband, Nathan. Through her work, Alyson has had the chance to travel across the USA and around the world.

Since 2008, Alyson has been working part time at REI (Recreation Equipment Inc.), helping outfit travelers for their next adventure. She is also an REI instructor, leading outdoor excursions and teaching classes on international travel, adventure planning as well as photography for the REI Outdoor School.

Alyson and her husband, Nathan have eight little rescued “kids”—Kona, a pit mix puppy; Reggie, a terrier mix puppy; Pollux, a Boston Terrier mix; Maddie, an African hedgehog; Desmond & Penny, brother/sister mini rex bunnies; and Shelby and Rockstar, eastern box turtles.

Her lifetime travel goals are:
1. Visit every state in the USA
2. Visit each of the seven continents
3. Collect each cancelation stamp for every national park unit
4. Participate in adventures that continue to push her boundaries and comfort zones

Every photo I take is dedicated to my beautiful friend, Andrea. She taught me to do everything in life, including photography, with unwavering love and passion. It was her friendship and support that has helped push me to where I am today.

Follow along the journey


Follow along the journey.


Follow along the journey