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It seems like forever since I was able to turn my full attention to my Australia adventure. Now that the MLB Draft is over and my somewhat predictable summer shooting has begun, I can finally focus on planning and preparing for my trip.

Since time is flying by, I have decided to put a list of necessities down in writing. It might seem a little silly to put a list down on a blog, but there are several reasons to do this. First, I am a list person. I tend to be more productive when I can check things off a list. Second, I want your input! What am I missing and need to make sure I take? Is there something that I could leave behind and save valuable luggage space for something else? So here is what I have so far.

– website
– logos (Thanks Bobby!)
– work visa! (this was an exciting item to accomplish!)
– partnered with first non-profit groups
– new camera body
– warm weather sleeping bag
– breaking in new hiking boots
– new rain jacket
– sun hat
– packable solar panel charger for laptop/camera

To Do/Get List:
– get Kickstarter campaign running
– plane tickets to Australia from L.A.
– add more non-profit groups
– list of must-go-to places
– coordinate sleeping arrangements for each stop
– rental car or bus ticket?
– headlamp
– convertible pants
– water purifier
– find Crocodile Dundee

My to do list seems really short, doesn’t it? But with less than five month to go, there are some pretty large to-do items on that list. Ah!

Any suggestions as to what I should take/not take? For those who have been to Australia, what are can’t-miss places that I need to add to my list? Please share your thought and comments. The more input, the better!

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Follow along the journey.


Follow along the journey