Kangaroo Island

Welcome to Kangaroo Island! Of course, I don’t quite understand why it is called Kangaroo Island and not Sea Lion Island or something else. Over the two days we spent on the island, I only saw one kangaroo. However, we saw hundreds of sea lions.

Kangaroo Island is a wonderful, surprisingly large island off the coast of Southern Australia, just south of Adelaide. It is a 30-40 minute ferry ride over, but well worth the trip if you are in the area. It is full of nature, wildlife and wine. Yes, wine! It was discovered several years ago that Kangaroo Island has the perfect soil and climate combination for making wine. So there are dozens of wineries scattered around. Since Hannah enjoys sampling wine (and since it was her birthday!), we decided to try a few out. Delicious!

Sunrises along Kangaroo Island are incredible! Since getting around when it is dark is pretty scary given the large amount of nocturnal animals on the island, I was so grateful that this was my view from bed. No getting up early to dodge kangaroos on the roads in a mad dash to get to the water before the sun came up. Nope, I got to watch Mother Nature do her work from bed.

We stayed in a very small town named Emu Bay. It is a charming little town that wraps about the edge of Emu Bay. So really no matter where you are staying, you have an amazing view.

If you enjoy flowers, you may want to make a stop over to the island in the spring. The flowers were unbelievable: the variety, the size, the vivid colors! And they were all over.

While driving down this little dirt road toward a winery, Hannah shouted at me, “Did you just see that? It’s a microwave as a mailbox.” I wasn’t sure what to make of what she was telling me until we drove by another three along that same road. We got a good laugh out of it, but probably not as good of a laugh as the people along that street who turned their microwaves into mailboxes in the first place.

One of our first stops was to Admiral’s Arch. It is this massive arch that is home to hundreds of seals. They were everywhere! It was beautiful once we finally got down there. With a wind that was trying its hardest to knock us over, it took a little while for us to get down there. In the end, the view made it more than worth the trek down.

The next must-visit stop is to the Remarkable Rocks. Boy, do they live up to the name! They were these incredibly oddly shaped rocks that have eroded away over time. They are just sitting there on this ledge overlooking the ocean.  The views were amazing as well!

Then there were the sea lions. Oh my goodness, they were awesome! It was by far the highlight of our 2 days on the Island. Because of it’s reef system, Kangaroo Island is a great location for adults to raise their young as the reef offers several levels of protection.

The seals spent most of their day sleeping. Occasionally, someone would be antsy and beginning picking fights with the other adults. We sat there watching them for a while, just fascinated by their behavior and antics .

After an hour of rough housing, I would probably feel the same way!

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