Waterfall Springs Wildlife Sanctuary

Welcome to Waterfall Springs Wildlife Sanctuary!

One of my final volunteer projects in Australia before heading to New Zealand was to visit and document the important work being done at Waterfall Springs for the Foundation for National Parks Wildlife (FNPW). The mission of Waterfall Springs is to “coordinate and unite with the community and organizations to conduct recovery projects for Australian endangered species.” Their main focus right now is to help rebuild the endangered wallaby populations.

The No. 1 current resident at the sanctuary is the ‘central and southern’ form of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby. The Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby is listed as endangered in New South Wales and critically endangered of extinction in Victoria. Huge efforts are underway to try to save this beautiful animal. FNPW has supported the efforts of Waterfall Springs for quite some time which is why they asked me to visit and take some photos.

Even though it was a rainy day, I had such a great time wandering the park and meeting all the animals.

The sanctuary is amazing! Its large fields and rock formations offer great living spaces for its residents. Each section as well as the perimeter of the park are lined with fencing to protect the wallabies from predators such as foxes. Foxes have wreaked havoc on most of the native Australian species since they were brought over by the English in the 1800s.

The park also has a large sprinkler system designed to protect it and the animals from brush fires, which have become common in Australia during the summer months. I was blown away by it!

Why, hello there!

Education is at the center of the work being doing at Waterfall Springs. That is why they have set aside space for classrooms and visitor accommodations. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to wake up to wallabies outside their windows?

If you find yourself in the Sydney area with some time to spare, please go visit the Waterfall Springs Wildlife Sanctuary and support the wonderful work they do. Trust me, it is well worth the hour-long car ride there!

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