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As a kid, my parents made me go outside and play. Some of my favorite childhood memories include when I learned to ride a bike and when I taught my younger brother how to. It was so much fun! To think that kids today are not outside more, learning to ride bikes or climbing trees just baffles me.

That is why I am so excited to introduce our next nonprofit group: Bike On New Zealand. Bike On New Zealand is an organization aimed at helping everyone in New Zealand experience the joys of biking. Working through their Bikes In School program, Bike On has been able to help introduce biking and exercise to young children all over the country.

Bikes In School helps schools secure funding for a complete biking package that includes a fleet of bikes and equipment, the construction of a track and a bike coach who can give the children basic riding skills. This enables school to give their students regular access to biking. These help develop a program for each individual school and maintain the program over time. Since it began in 2010, Bikes In Schools programs have been implemented at over 30 school in New Zealand. The impact of these programs has been huge! Obesity levels are dropping. Teachers have reported better motor skills, coordination and improved confidence and self esteem from their students. All this because young children were given the support they needed to get outside and on a bike. How badly do you want to get your kids on a bike right now?

The work being done by Bike On New Zealand is just amazing! I encourage you to visit their website and support their efforts. Wouldn’t it be incredible to see a similar program started in the States? Bike On America, I think that has a nice ring to it!

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