T minus Three Months!

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It’s hard to believe that I am three months away from starting Alycat’s Walkabout. I have been so focused on getting things in order that I didn’t realize how quickly it was coming. It wasn’t until the three month countdown reminder popped up on my phone that it sunk in: Australia is coming fast! That was followed by a small panic attack over how much there is left to do. I have planned enough trips and big events to know that I won’t get everything done, but going to the other side of the world for five weeks does require more preparations then your normal trip.

Since my last blog about my preparations, we’ve checked a lot of things off the “To-Do” list. I have added two more nonprofit groups (Bike On New Zealand and The Nature Conservancy), all plane tickets from the East Coast of the USA to Australia/New Zealand and back have been purchased, and I’ve begun to really map out where I’ll be going. I’ve also had several video conference chats with the nonprofit groups, laying the foundation for the work I’ll be doing while I am over there.

Alycat Photo & Video Services also raised over $1,000 through it’s Kickstarter campaign to go into our nonprofit projects fund. This fund has been set up to cover the “out of our control” expenses that will come up while working on these shoots. Items include the rental of dive gear to do underwater shooting for The Nature Conservancy and Project Aware and travel expenses to get to a remote research sites for Conservation Volunteers of Australia. My goal is to make sure that any outside costs don’t discourage groups from wanting to do projects they need to finish. On a recent video conference, the group I was speaking with had a project in mind but didn’t have the means to get me to the site to complete it. It was great being able to tell them that, because of my supporters, I would be able to cover the costs of the travel. They did not need to worry at all about it.

Even though our Kickstarter campaign has finished, you are still welcome to donate to the project fund. Please visit the Donate page on the Alycat’s Walkabout website or email me at alyson@alycatphotos.com!

Of course, several things have been added to the “To Do” list. So while it feels like I am making a lot of progress, I know there is still a ton to do. Here’s where the list stands:

– website
– logos (Thanks Bobby!)
– work visa!
– partnered with nonprofit groups
– new camera body
– warm weather sleeping bag
– breaking in new hiking boots
– new rain jacket, sun hat, needed clothing
– packable solar panel charger for laptop/camera
– Kickstarter campaign
– plane tickets to Australia from L.A.

To Do/Get List:
– map out trip: when and where I’ll be
– continue adding to the list of must-go-to places
– finish coordinate sleeping arrangements for each stop
– book rental car and in country plane tickets
– Nathan’s visa to come visit me
– find some corporate sponsors (anyone interested??)
– headlamp
– water purifier
– find Crocodile Dundee

If you have recommendations and suggestions about the trip, where to go/what to see or must bring items, please email me! I would love the input!

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Follow along the journey.


Follow along the journey