Meet Hannah!


It is with pleasure that I introduce everyone to the newest member of Alycat’s Walkabout, Hannah Gray! Hannah will be joining me in Australia for the first leg of Alycat’s Walkabout this November, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I met Hannah several years ago after she transferred to my REI store. A Wisconsin native, Hannah moved to North Carolina after developing an interest in the healthcare industry. Being that we both worked in footwear/outwear, we got to know each other fairly quickly. Our work time chats eventually turned into this wonderful friendship.

Hannah was recently accepted into an incredible nursing program. Wanting to take advantage of her last few months of “freedom”, Hannah and I put together a plan that would allow her to join me in Australia. I can’t tell you how excited I am to have her joining me. Having an extra set of hands, as well as a travel companion, will make the first few weeks that much more enjoyable.

Please join me in welcoming Hannah!

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Follow along the journey


Follow along the journey.


Follow along the journey