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We are less than two months away from Alycat’s Walkabout starting. We are busy working with our different nonprofit partners to coordinate each project and map out our travels. With each conversation, I get more and more excited about working with these great organizations!

On today’s blog post, I wanted to highlight our final nonprofit partner, The Nature Conservancy of Australia. If you are involved in conservation work in the United States, you may have heard of The Nature Conservancy before. They are an international organization whose mission is to conserve and protect nature that is vital to all life. I have supported several of their efforts in the United States in the past. So, as you can imagine, I was beyond excited to be partnering with their Australia branch as part of Alycat’s Walkabout.

The Nature Conservancy in Australia has the incredible responsibility of promoting the conservation of some of the world’s most rare and unique wildlife. According to their website, 80 percent of the plant and animal species found in Australia are found nowhere else in the world. That breaks down to a whopping 10 percent of the world’s biodiversity that is found there. How incredible is that!

Since The Nature Conservancy began in Australia, the organization has supported conservation efforts across 120 million hectares of Australia’s land and waterways. They accomplish this feat by working closely with the Australian government, local groups and indigenous communities.

They are working on a fabulous program called Nature Needs People. It is based on the idea that nature thrives when people take an active role in protecting it. “Protecting Australia’s environment not only means setting aside lands for conservation. It means creating healthier, more resilient ecosystems that can benefit people and wildlife alike.”

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